At the expense of Kahraba and Ajay … Al-Ahly reaches an agreement to join Badr Bannon’s “friend” –


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Al-Ahly club, under the leadership of South African coach Pitso Mosimane, coach of the Red Castle, suffers from many crises in the wing center during the last period, in light of the decline in the level of more than one player during the last period, such as Hussein Al-Shahat, Mahmoud Kahraba and Taher Mohamed Taher, in addition to the many injuries he suffers. Junior Ajay throughout the season.
On Sport reveals the next Al-Ahly deal in the summer transfers:

Journalist Karim Ramzy said in televised statements:

“Al-Ahly is planning to sign a contract with Moroccan Soufiane Rahimi, the player of the Moroccan Raja team, during the upcoming summer transfer period.”

He added during his statements:

“The family puts Sufyan Rahimi under the telescope and did not make an official offer to join the player, but aims to obtain his services in light of the player’s distinctive capabilities and his ability to play the player in more than one position in the green rectangle.”

“Al-Ahly is seeking to join Sufyan Rahimi in light of his ability to play in more than one position, such as the right and left wings and under the spearhead.”

Overthrow the duo

Karim Ramzi revealed a surprise, saying, “If Al-Ahly club resolves the contract deal with Sufyan Rahimi, it will be at the expense of Mahmoud Kahraba in light of his significant decline, and the deal will also be at the expense of the Nigerian professional Junior Ajay.”

Sofiane Rahimi had starred with Moroccan Raja in the last period, and is considered one of the distinguished elements in the ranks of Raja, as he participated in 14 meetings this season in the Moroccan League Championship and managed to score 6 goals and make 5.

Sofiane Rahimi also participated with Moroccan Raja in 6 matches during the Confederation Championship and managed to score 3 goals and create a goal.
At a time during which Sufyan Rahimi shone greatly during the two confrontations with Pyramids in the Confederation, he managed to score the net of Sharif Ikrami, the goalkeeper of the Al-Sami team.

The South African coach Pitso Musimane, the coach of Al-Ahly club, had asked the football system to strengthen the wing’s position during the last summer transfers, in light of the technical level of more than one player in the ranks of the team affected.

Al-Ahly stumbled into the last confrontation in front of Ghazl El Mahalla with a clean goal, so that the Red Genie failed to take advantage of the Zamalek and Pyramids tie in the league competition.

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