Basma Wahba announces her participation in a work of art with Mohamed Ramadan


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Informative announced Basma Wahba Her participation in a work of art scheduled to be reunited with the artist Mohamed Ramadan directed by Mohamed Sami.

Basma Wahba reveals a new job with Mohamed Ramadan

And publication Basma Wahba A picture she collects with Muhammad Ramadan and Muhammad Sami on her personal page on Instagram, saying: “The most important director and the most important artist with a fortune teller, and soon we are the trio in one work.”

Basma Wahba announces her participation in an artwork with Mohamed Ramadan

Muhammad Ramadan expressed her happiness to participate in a nearby art work with Basma Wahba and Mujmed Ramadan, commenting on the photo they collected, saying: “You are the most important informant.” Basma Wahba responded to Muhammad Ramadan’s comment, saying: “The most important artist.”

Some comments criticized the description of Basma Wahba to Muhammad Ramadan as the most important artist, and some followers attacked Muhammad Ramadan and that he was just an ordinary actor.

One of the observers said: “The most important media person, and perhaps one of the most important directors … But the most important artist is this, because the right artist has morals and respect, and unfortunately they remain unavailable in Ramadan.” “.

Mohamed Ramadan is accused of insulting Ismail Yassin

The appearance of the resemblance of the late artist Ismail Yassin caused controversy a few days ago, and he faced Mohamed Ramadan He resorted to filming additional scenes in the series Musa, in order to calm the angry audience at the scene, which they considered an insult to the late star..

And because of the appearance of the artist Ismail Yassin Inappropriately, and he came out in the form of a stingy figure who takes advantage of his fame and does not pay for the purchase of their needs, the makers of the work tried to calm the general atmosphere by presenting a new scene of the artist in the 16th episode to show that the character that appeared is nothing but an impersonator exploiting the comedian’s name and his body in the monument.

This scene was filmed in the events of the sixteenth episode after the attack launched against them on social media, accusing them of insulting an acting legend such as Ismail Yassin, and indeed it was agreed with the young artist to photograph another scene despite the end of his main and last scene that was shown. In the twelfth episode, so that the makers of the work apologize for the abuse that occurred and absorb the anger of the audience

Muhammad Ramadan, as Musa, appeared as a seller in a store that sells grocery supplies, and a person who viewers immediately knew his appearance would enter the artist Ismail Yassin, and Moussa was ignorant, who came from the Egyptian Upper Egypt in the forties and did not know anything about cinema or artists..

This is how Ismail Yassin appears in the scene, in the form of a swindler who wants to buy what he needs without paying anything in return, disguised as Ismail Yassin, but Musa, who does not know anything, demands money immediately.


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