Beware These signs, if they appear on your face, know that you are in danger


The word high cholesterol comes around every now and then In the blood, and that this person suffers from excess cholesterol in his blood, which causes him major and dangerous health problems.

The problem is that high cholesterol in the blood does not have any preludes, and the person with this did not feel any symptoms, but rather that its complications occur suddenly and without warning.

But there are signs that appear on your face that indicate that you are entering a dangerous stage, and you must take a blood test to check the level of cholesterol in the blood and if it is high or not?

So what are these signs?

They are deposits of cholesterol that appear on your face, which are smooth, flat, and yellowish lumps Known as xanthoma, It can appear in many areas of the body and is not painful.

Sometimes it appears on the upper and lower eyelids near the inner corner of the eye, or it surrounds both eyes, and begins small and then enlarges.

You should avoid this by staying away from foods that cause high cholesterol in the blood, especially fatty foods that contain a large amount of harmful fats.

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