Boris Johnson: What are the sources of his income and how much?


Boris Johnson

Photo released, Reuters

Britain’s Election Commission is investigating the circumstances surrounding the mysterious party that paid for the renovation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s apartment located above the 11th property in Downing Street, London.

Johnson says he paid for it himself, and that he did everything duly. But press reports revealed that he initially told his aides that he could not afford these expenses. So what do we know about the income of the British Prime Minister?

How much is the prime minister’s salary?

In the fiscal year 2020-2021, the salary earmarked for the prime minister was 79,936 pounds per year, from which Johnson received 75,440 pounds.

This is in addition to the salary allocated to him as a member of the House of Commons for his constituency in London, which amounts to 81,932 pounds per year.

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