Brazil braces for worst drought in 9 decades


This warning led to increased fears of rationalization of consumption energy And the effect on generating Hydroelectricity And agriculture at a time when the risk of fires in forests increases Amazon.

Late Thursday evening, the Electricity Sector Monitoring Committee recommended that the Water Regulatory Authority recognize the state of “water scarcity”, after the prolonged drought that affected the central and southern regions of the country. Brazil Along the Parana River Basin.

On the other hand, the Weather Watch Agency associated with the Ministry of Agriculture issued the first “emergency warning from.” DroughtFrom June to September.

The agency said it is likely to remain rain Rare in 5 Brazilian states during that period, according to Reuters.

The lack of rain in most parts of Brazil has negative effects on Grain cultivation وعلى cattle AndElectricity generation Due to Brazil’s heavy dependence on dams water for electricity.

Scientists said that weather Dry may lead to severe fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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