British actress Isma Bianco accuses Marilyn Manson of raping her


British actress Isma Bianco accuses Marilyn Manson of raping her

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The British actress, Bianco, was accused.

British actress, Osma Bianco, who is known for playing the role of “Rose Whore” in the popular series “Game of Thrones”, has accused American singer, Marilyn Manson, of raping her.

“Hollywood Reporter” quoted a court document saying that the text of the lawsuit says that Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, “repeatedly resorted to drugs, violence and the threat of violence to force Mrs. Bianco to enter into sexual relations with him.”

The lawsuit accuses Manson of “nearly raping Bianco in May 2011,” and “carrying out acts of a sexual nature against her,” including the use of violence, when the girl was unconscious and unable to give consent.

Bianco also said that Manson and his former director of affairs, Tony Chiolo, violated California laws on human trafficking during her transfer from London to Los Angeles under an innovative pretext, and the singer, according to the lawsuit, forced her to carry out household chores without paying her any money.

And the American actress, Evan Rachel Wood, who is known for playing a role in the series “West World”, has already made similar accusations against Manson.

Source: “Novosti”


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