British study: Pfizer / Biontec and AstraZeneca vaccines are effective, but not perfect


British Study: Vaccines

Reuters Dado Ruvic

A British scientific study confirmed that there are rare cases of “Covid-19” injuries and deaths after receiving the first dose of “Pfizer / Biontech” or “AstraZeneca” vaccines among elderly people with weak health.

British researchers said during their presentation, today, Friday, field data on a group of people infected with the Coronavirus “Covid-19” in British hospitals, that very few of those infected and deceased with the disease among the elderly who suffer from general weakness enter the hospital and die even after receiving the dose. The first vaccines, but that does not mean that they are ineffective.

The researchers added that the results of the study showed somewhat “failure of vaccines”, but that was not “an exclusion”.

“This happens mostly to the groups most at risk of severe disease anyway, which is the elderly group, who are frail and very old,” said University of Liverpool professor of child health and epidemiology, Callum Simble, who co-led the research.

Simpel continued: “We do not say that the vaccine is ineffective … In fact this is realistic and conclusive evidence of its effectiveness, but it also shows that the vaccine is not ideal.”

Source: “Reuters”

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