Buffon: I owe a lot to Juventus and I’m in no hurry to make a future decision


Gianluigi Buffon, the Italian Juventus goalkeeper, has confirmed that he owes a lot to his team, adding that he is in no hurry to decide his future.

Buffon first reached the old lady in 20 years, when he moved from Parma in July 2001 and then moved to Paris Saint-Germain for a season before returning to Juventus at the start of the 19/20 season.

Buffon was linked to leaving Juventus again after the end of his contract with the Italian club at the end of the current season, and the 43-year-old has not yet decided his next destination.

During remarks carried by “Futbol Italia”, Buffon said: “I will decide a path in which I find motivation. I am in no hurry to find a solution immediately.”

He added, “I gave everything and got everything at Juventus, but there are moments when we need to backtrack rather than take a risky move.”

He concluded: “I have good memories with the club over the past years. They welcomed me as a boy until I became a man … I owe a lot to Juventus.”


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