Bwalia, Marawan and Salah Mohsen … deals worth 70 million pounds, resulting in 4 goals


A great uproar accompanied their negotiations with the Al-Ahly club, and with fictional numbers, their transfer to the Red Castle was successful, and each one of them was considered the most expensive at the time of the conclusion of the deal, to support the red attack, but they did not make a significant addition with the team, although the total of the three deals of Al-Ahly’s treasury are about 70 million pounds.

Marwan Mohsen

The beginning was with Marwan Mohsen, who joined Alahli football club In the summer transfer season in 2016 after his brilliance with the dervishes, however, over the course of almost 5 seasons, despite having many opportunities, he did not succeed in presenting his credentials as the main attacker of Al-Ahly.

Marwan Mohsen moved to Al-Ahly for the 10 million pounds obtained by the Ismaili club, and that deal was considered the most expensive at the time, and Marwan Mohsen did not score with Al-Ahly this season only one goal during his participation in 13 matches and made two goals.

صلاح محسن

Salah Mohsen joined Al-Ahly Club from the ranks of Enppi in the winter transfer season in 2018, where his deal was accompanied by a huge uproar as it was the most expensive in that season after it reached 38 million pounds, and despite the player getting a lot of opportunities, he did not provide the expected performance, as he went out on loan and then He returned again, but did not provide the required response from the fans, and this season, Salah Mohsen scored a single goal during his participation in 14 matches and made one goal.

Walter Bowalia

Walter Bwalya, the former striker of El Gouna who joined Al-Ahly last January, was the latest deal that failed the fans of the Red Castle in the center of the attack, as Bwalyas deal cost Al-Ahly treasury an amount of EGP 22 million, and despite his participation in 16 matches this season, he scored only two goals and made the same.


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