By the end of the day … Learn about the foreign exchange rates at the International Commercial Bank


Al-Mustaqbal reviews the rates of Arab and foreign currencies in the Egyptian pound today, Tuesday 4-5-2021 in Egyptian banks, at the conclusion of transactions in banks, and we present currency rates, according to the latest updates of a number of different banks, foremost of which is the Commercial International Bank, which came as follows:

The price of the dollar today, according to the latest updates, is 15.61 pounds for purchase, 15.71 pounds for sale.

The exchange rate of the euro today was 18.73 pounds for purchase, 18.95 pounds for sale.

The Saudi riyal exchange rate stabilized against the Egyptian pound today, 4.15 pounds for purchase, 4.18 pounds for sale.

The price of the pound sterling in front of the pound today, 21.62 pounds for purchase, 21.85 pounds for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar recorded the exchange rate of the pound Imam, 49.58 pounds for purchase, 52.39 pounds for sale.


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