Cairo Climate Change Forum discusses the challenges of achieving sustainable development


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The Cairo Climate Change Forum organized its 74th seminar entitled “Sustainable Makers and Local Crafts”. The event aimed to encourage dialogue on how to provide creative innovation spaces to achieve sustainable development goals. Two experts from Egypt and Germany in the field of innovative manufacturers participated to present their vision of how sustainability is a major driving force for entrepreneurship. Business and how to increase environmental awareness.

In his opening speech, Philip Mobay, Head of the Science Department at the German Embassy in Cairo, highlighted the potential of joint workshops called Maker Spaces, FabLabs and HackerSpaces, which have increased in numbers in recent times, which are places designed to facilitate access to traditional tools, techniques or technology. And new ones, such as 3D printers or woodworking equipment, that people may not have in their homes.

Mobay explained that with regard to environmental protection, and in order to combat the negative effects of climate change and reach the sustainable development goals, the development of new technology and innovative ways at the grassroots level to work together in a sustainable manner have an important role in reaching both goals, which is something that many have realized. From German institutions over the years, and has sought to support the so-called “manufacturers movement” that adopts the “do it yourself” initiative and open innovation processes.

Dr. Yousrya Hamed participated in the opening of the event on behalf of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, by presenting the Egyptian-Italian program that she runs, which is based on the revival of local crafts and traditions in the village of Nazla in Fayoum, by supporting the revival of the unique local pottery industry and building twenty workshops for its manufacture. This creates added value, new revenue streams, and economic opportunities. The established visitor center adds revenue and is in the role of educating visitors and students about local handicrafts. She said: “The local community in Al-Nazla village, one of the villages in Fayoum Governorate, has realized the value of their position, and thus they have an incentive for sustainability. They are now aiming to develop the site by taking into account the environment in all their activities. .

Aravinth Bunch, the co-founder of seven different startups in different fields, one of which is DreamSpace Academy, which has a similar approach to creating valuable and viable solutions for communities in need, said: Taking into account the environmental factor always needs to consider the economic opportunities and social potentials that societies have. The best way to do this is to learn from local needs to create such new value.

Bunch believes that many innovation centers in the West have become the incubator for learning-based projects, and this does not help in bringing about meaningful or rewarding change in the long run, and instead of adopting challenging methods, the solutions required to solve the problems of societies must be found, from within these societies. .

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