Carteron talks about the mental strength of Shikabala and his play


Patrice Carteron, coach of Zamalek club, said that the team was able to add a lot of mental strength to the team after participating, saying that what happened in calculating lost time was a play.

“I feel happy with the level of the players, the team played much stronger and better performance, I used to feel that we would not be able to score but in the end they equalized,” said Carteron at the press conference after the 1-1 draw with Pyramids on Sunday.

He continued: “The formation that started the match today has been playing for a long time, and they feel tired, unlike Pyramids, who rested a number of players in the last match, and they have more readiness.”

He added, “The players needed mental strength, and with the participation of Shikabala, he was credited with returning to the match again.”

He criticized the way of calculating lost time, saying: “There was a play in calculating lost time today, and according to the regulations, the switch needs half a minute, and I do not know how to calculate wasted time for only a minute and a half at the end.”

And he went on to talk about the secret of Shikabalas presence among the substitutes: “Today I relied on Shikabala in the playmaker position because of Pyramids’ method, which relies on 5 players in the back line, and was already able to make the difference.”

And he continued: “The reason for not relying on Shikabala as a mainstay is his return from injury recently, in addition to that I benefited with talent on the bench that could make the difference in the second half.”

He went on to talk about the other elements, saying: “Islam Jaber is a diligent player and I am happy that he played the cross that caused the penalty kick, and Ferjani Sassi has the best to give, but the time for rest is short and the matches are difficult and it is difficult to start a match without Ferjani and Tariq Hamed.”

Then he concluded by talking about Zizou’s wasting of an opportunity and the goal is empty: “It is very difficult for Zizou psychologically to miss such an opportunity, especially since he is technically retreating, but I trust him very much and is sure of his return to his level.”


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