Carteron: The penalty kick against Pyramids is a play … and Shekabala changed the game


French coach Patrice Carteron, Zamalek’s coach, confirmed that he was happy with the performance of his players in the second half of the match against Pyramids, pointing out that he was satisfied with the draw, especially since he felt unfortunately not score goals in that match.

“We started the Pyramids match with the starting lineup, and all of them are suffering from fatigue, unlike Pyramids, who rested a large number of their players in the face of African Namungo,” Carteron said at the press conference.

He added, that the players of Zamalek were in need of mental strength to return in the second half, and we got 6 chances, of which we only scored a goal from a penalty kick, and we watched the play of the penalty kick, and the referee did not count the stoppage time, but we made a substitution with Shikabalas descent, which changed the shape of Meeting.

He continued: “We faced a team based on the 3 – 5 – 2 method, so he preferred to enter Shikabala in the middle so that he would not waste his effort in defense, and Shikabala returned from injury and could not play for 90 minutes, so we did not rely on him from the start of the match, so as not to lose a card Trump off the bench.

Carteron praised Ahmed Fattouh, stressing that he presented a distinguished level against Pyramids, and gave us the opportunity to Islam Jaber because he deserved to appear, and he succeeded in contributing to Zamalek obtaining a penalty.

He concluded: “Ferjani Sassi is a distinguished player and offers a good level, and his level is fluctuating because of the pressure of the matches only. The player and his ability to return to his level. ”

Zamalek and Pyramids tied for each team in the match that brought them together yesterday, Sunday, in the 19th round of the League. Pyramids advanced with a goal scored by Abdullah Al-Saeed, the Pyramids player, in the 39th minute, and Bin Sharqi tied in the 95th minute of the match.

With this result, Zamalek tops the league table with 41 points, after playing 19 games, winning 12 games, tying in 5 matches, losing two games, and its players scored 33 goals and scored 12 goals..

Pyramids ranks third with 31 points, after playing 19 games, winning 7 games, drawing 10 matches, losing two matches, and its players scored 26 goals and scored 18 goals.


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