Carteron’s first comment after the draw with Pyramids


French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, confirmed that he was happy with the team’s performance in the second half against Pyramids after retreating in the first half, explaining that he felt that the team would not score in light of the misfortune that accompanied the team in the second half.

In the press conference after the match, Carteron added that a tie in today’s match was a good result given the circumstances of the match.

Carteron also indicated that the players ‘decline in the first half was due to the pressure of the matches and the players’ fatigue with the succession of matches, while the main Pyramids players got a rest from the previous match.

Zamalek’s coach explained that his players needed great mental strength to return to the match, stressing that the participation of Shikabala was a turning point in the match and played a big role, stressing that his team had 6 achieved opportunities, and only scored one goal.

Carteron indicated that everyone watched the play of the penalty kick, which was returned, explaining that the referee counted a minute and a half in the calculated time instead of the lost, despite the fact that every change that occurs in the match in front of him half a minute counts as time instead of lost.

Carteron added that the opponent was playing in a 3-5-2 manner, stressing that Shikabala is back from injury and it is difficult to play 90 minutes, adding that if he starts with Shikabala, there will be no winning cards on the bench.

Carteron added that left-back Ahmed Fattouh played a good game in defense and offensive, and explained that he pushed Islam Jaber at an appropriate time and caused the penalty kick that Zamalek got.

The coach indicated that Ferjani Sassi has better than what he offers, but he did not get rest in light of the pressure of matches and it is difficult to start any match without him, and stressed that Sassi was better in the second half than he was in the first half.

The coach commented on Zizou’s missed opportunity in the second half, saying: “It is difficult psychologically for the player after wasting this opportunity, and he was angry after the match, especially since he is not at his best levels.”

Carteron concluded his statements that Zizou will return to his usual level in the coming period and stressed that he has confidence in the capabilities of all players.

Zamalek tied with Pyramids with a goal for each team in the match that was held between them in the nineteenth round of the Premier League competition.
The balance rose to 41 points, which occupies the first place, while Pyramids raised its tally to 31 points, which occupies the third place.


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