Caused damage to the sidewalk … Muhammad Ramadan pays a fine for parking his car while waiting for a forbidden parking (photos)


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Today, Tuesday, artist Mohamed Ramadan paid 2000 pounds for a fine for leaving his car on the street, waiting for a forbidden wait next to the Shooting Club in the Dokki area of ​​Giza, to receive his car after seizing it.
Sources in the neighborhood – who refused to publish her name – said that Major General Ahmed Abdel Fattah launched a campaign against street occupations, and followed up on measures to combat the Corona virus, yesterday, Monday, and noticed a luxury car in the forbidden waiting, and it ran over the sidewalk. Owned by «Ramadan».
She added that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, contacted the head of the Dokki neighborhood to remove the “clamps”, but “the latter” refused until after paying the fine, despite the intervention of the artist’s friends.
She added that Muhammad Ramadan had paid the prescribed fine, after informing Major General “Abdel Fattah” of the car’s license.

A new picture was published by the artist Mohamed Ramadan in Dubai and wrote in his comment, “Stay tuned for the surprise tonight on the Burj Khalifa at 7 pm # Dubai # Confidence_In_God_Sujah ​​🔥🔥🔥” – Archive Image
Mohamed Ramadan’s car
Mohamed Ramadan’s car
Mohamed Ramadan’s car

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