Children devour “hashish candy” … and this is the result


Police said that 4 children were taken to the hospitalAfter suffering a “backlash” for eating harmful sweets.

The officers were summoned to a shop in Pound Lane, southern Epsom BritainSaturday evening, they found 3 children vomiting uncontrollably, then passing out.

The British “Sky News” network reported that a girl (12 years) and a boy (12 years) and another one year older than him were taken to hospital in an ambulance.

The network also reported that a third 12-year-old boy, who is also believed to have eaten sweets, was taken to the hospital by his family as a precaution.

The four children remained in the hospital overnight for observation.

It is believed that sweets It may have been given to children at a nearby recreational playground, and police said they do not have a “clear description of the sweets in question.”

But she said she had received a similar report Friday evening, which contained “green jelly rings flavored with apples. Fortunately the person in that incident was less affected.”

An eyewitness told Sky News: “It was a normal day and suddenly ambulances and policemen appeared in the street. I went out and saw a little boy lying on the ground surrounded by the police and paramedics.”

A man who lives nearby added, “I saw two police cars and the whole road was blocked. It was really exhausting. I didn’t know what was going on.”

“They are trying to understand what these sweets are, where they come from and what they contain. These types of products are illegal,” said Detective Sgt. Lee Marks.

The investigator continued, “It may look like normal commercial products, but this should not be considered a sign that they are safe or legal.”

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