Chinas dangerous missile .. Syria is preparing for the possibility of 20 tons of debris falling from space


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The head of the Syrian Astronomical Society, Muhammad Al-Asiri, said that the body of the Chinese missile that carried the Chinese spacecraft will pass over Syria at 2:48 am, with the possibility of seeing it with the naked eye, and it will come from the strange south towards the northeast, stressing that the society will follow it completely.

A number of international space experts had warned of the fall of a Chinese missile body, the main part of the 20-ton launch vehicle, which carried the Chinese spacecraft to Earth in the next few days, after it was used to launch the basic unit of the new Chinese space station – indicating that this is the main part It cannot be steered and has no path to fall into the sea at a predetermined point.

Al-Asiri pointed out to the Syrian News Agency, SANA, that the whole world is following the trajectory of the object of the Chinese missile, moment by moment, and we, as a Syrian astronomical society, carefully follow and transmit the coordinates of the expected places of the missile, and we notice that the margin is still large, but there are points close to Syria.

“Al-Asiri” added that space experts said that in the worst case it would be like a small plane crash, but it would extend on a line hundreds of kilometers long, and this was sufficient to cause damage.

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