Chinese “Camry Killer” prepares to invade markets


Geely, the Chinese, began receiving orders for the new Preface, which many described as among the strongest competitors to the famous Toyota Camry.

The new car comes with a large, streamlined body that is somewhat similar to the design of the Mondeo cars of the fifth category from Ford, decorated with a wide chrome-plated front grille and distinctively designed front and rear lights that work with modern LED technologies.

The length of this car is 4 meters and 63 cm, its width is 182 cm, and its height is 146 cm. The cabin is equipped with comfortable leather seats that accommodate five passengers, and the wheels assigned to it came with chrome discs in sizes 16 and 17 inches.

The vehicle also got the latest multimedia systems, a large touch screen, cooling and heating systems for seats, a wireless charging system for smartphones, cruise control and lane-keeping systems on highways, and is equipped with cameras, front and rear distance sensors, light and rain sensors, and a system to prevent slipping on bends. .

Several copies will be put on the global market, including one that will be equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine with 114 horsepower torque, which will work with a six-stage automatic gearbox, and there will also be versions equipped with turbocharged engines.

Source: moto1


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