Chinese missile | Astronomical Research: He passed by Egypt for two and a half minutes


11:08 PM

Saturday 08 May 2021


The “Extra News” satellite channel published a live video of the Chinese missile while it was orbiting around the Earth.

The video, broadcast by the channel this evening, Saturday, showed the missile as it passed over the Pacific Ocean on its way to North America.

Dr. Gad El-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that the Chinese missile passed through Egypt a short while ago (at ten and four seconds for two minutes and 30 seconds) over the Western Sahara.

The head of the National Institute for Astronomical Research said, in statements to him, that the missile is still orbiting at a great altitude (158 km) and the speed is 28 thousand km per hour, explaining: “This time may be No. 10 since the start of the accident.

He continued: “Until now there is no certain information about the date and place of its fall, all of which are predictions, and we are waiting for the dawn of today, if its speed and the orbit in which it is going has changed, then there will be other words, and other than that, all of them are unconfirmed expectations.”

And he continued: “Also talk about a fall to Sudan, and other than that is not certain, and there is a possibility to regain control over it when approaching the Earth’s atmosphere.”

You can watch the video from the link .. Press here

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