Choice 2: Who is the plot to assassinate the Public Prosecutor and target “Al-Nimr”?


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The episodes of the “Choice 2” series … Shadow Men showed footage in which the representative of the body of the terrorist figure, Dr. Yahya Musa, a fugitive in Turkey, appeared the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health during the reign of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi, who was sentenced to death in absentia for the assassination of the former Public Prosecutor, and life imprisonment in targeting and attempting The assassination of Major General Mostafa El-Nimr, a former Alexandria security director.

Moussa appeared during the episodes of the series inside the Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in with Dr. Muhammad Kamal, and in fact appeared in the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office after the officers were assigned to assassinate Counselor Hisham Barakat, the former Public Prosecutor in Heliopolis, after the assignments were given through the Telegram application.

“Moussa” or “the doctor” took over coordination between the cadres of the terrorist Brotherhood to carry out the assassination of the late Attorney General Hisham Barakat, according to investigations, so that Counselor Hassan Farid issued a death sentence against him in absentia.

The name of the fugitive terrorist, Yahya Al-Sayyid Ibrahim Musa, has been linked to a number of other terrorist incidents inside the country, including the case of the attempted assassination of the Assistant Public Prosecutor, Counselor Zakaria Abdulaziz, in the case bearing No. 64 of 2017, in which the accused are being tried militarily.

“Musa” was born in Sharkia Governorate, and was working in the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Azhar University, before joining the Minister of Health’s office in November 2012, less than 4 months after the Brotherhood’s ascension to power. Then he was formally appointed as the ministry’s spokesman in February 2013, where he assumed responsibility The file of demonstrations after millions went out in the streets demanding the abolition of Muhammad Morsi’s rule, at that time the Ministry of Health issued a statement ensuring that it disowned him and no longer represented it, and demanded all media outlets not to deal with him as an official spokesperson or media advisor, and confirmed that it did not assign him this job, neither previously nor now And that his job description is only a manager of the former media advisor’s office, and it is concerned with the administrative aspects.

Musa took over the leadership of the “Specific Operations Committees” of the terrorist Brotherhood, which wanted to change the regime by force and attack police personnel and facilities, and select members and subject them to training courses. Terrorism was a means used by the group and its members to achieve its goals, according to the investigations.

“Musa” is facing a set of accusations, including his involvement in the assassination of the Public Prosecutor. He also faces charges of attempting to kill the former Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ali Jumaa and his bodyguards, and Counselor Ahmed Abu Al-Fotouh, a member of the trial of former President Mohamed Morsi, and providing material aid to a group founded in contravention of the law. And by providing it with tools, organizational headquarters, money, cars, motorcycles and information to achieve its terrorist aims, according to the text of the investigations.

1- His full name is Yahya Sayyid Ibrahim Muhammad Musa, and he changed from a professor of medicine to Al-Azhar and a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, to a “snake head” who manages, assigns and incites killing and sabotage.

2- His code names are “Sun Rise, Khattab, Khaled, Saad, and The Doctor,” with which he deals with the elements of the group assigned to carry out the killing operations.

3- He was involved in instigation, planning and planning in the assassinations of the martyr former General Prosecutor Hisham Barakat, the attack on the Nasr City ambush, and the assassination attempt on Major General Mostafa El-Nimr, the former Alexandria Security Director.

3- The convicts confessed to the assassination of the martyr Hisham Barakat, that they had received a commission from the fugitive Yahya Moussa, to commit the operation and the bombing, which took place on June 29, 2015.

4- The Public Prosecution referred him to criminal trial, before the Supreme State Security Criminal Court, in the case of Barakat’s assassination, and he was ranked fifth in the referral order, and the court issued a verdict in absentia to execute him.

5- Bassem Gad Ibrahim, one of the accused in the attempted assassination of the former Alexandria Security Director, admitted that he had received orders from the fugitive leaders outside the country, headed by Yahya Moussa, to restructure the armed ranks of Hasm and train its members to carry out a series of terrorist operations.

6- The State Security Criminal Court punished him in absentia with life imprisonment in the case of the attempted assassination of Al-Nimr.

7- Last January, the US State Department announced that it had included Yahya Moussa and another named Alaa Al-Samahi on the terrorism list, freezing their properties, and pursuing them abroad.

8- He is being tried in absentia with the brother of the Brotherhood businessman, Hassan Malik, in a new case related to fraud and smuggling of Brotherhood members out of the country.

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