Clacket fourth time .. El Mahalla defeats Zamalek and Al-Ahly together in one season


Some ball fans think that Mahalla victory over the poles of the ball in Egypt Al-Ahly and Zamalek in one season is a pure coincidence victory, and a big surprise for the leader of the peasants is rarely repeated, but in fact El Mahalla is used to defeating Al-Ahly and Zamalek together in a season, as he achieved this achievement 3 times before, and this season remains to add a new record in his record of excellence Historic poles on the Egyptian and Arab football.

Mahalla, whose total budget is 17 million pounds, according to his officials, won Al-Ahly and Zamalek, whose ranks receive almost the same financial value in the season, to prove that the popular teams still possess the tools of brilliance and success despite their limited capabilities.

Mahalla, led by his coach Khaled Eid and a group of promising players, crushed Zamalek with an unanswered goal, so that some observers consider the victory a coincidence, so that the turn comes to Al-Ahly and tastes from the same cup in front of spinning.

In the following, we monitor the four seasons that Mahalla won over Al-Ahly and Zamalek, as follows:

– Season 2020-2021 Ghazl El Mahalla beat Al Ahly and Zamalek with the same score (1/0) in one round, from the Premier League competition this season, in one of the tournament’s surprises throughout its history.

– 2009-2010 season, Al Mahalla defeated the Zamalek team in Cairo with a goal without a response in the ninth round, then the peasant leader defeated Al-Ahly with two unanswered goals in the opening of the second round in Mahalla.

– Season 1979-1980, Al Mahalla won, with an unanswered goal over the Zamalek team in the sixth round, then 11 days later, Al-Ahly defeated the same result, which is almost the same scenario of the current season with a slight difference, which is the time difference between the two poles matches.

– Season 1965-1966, Al Mahalla defeated Zamalek in Al Mahalla in the opening round of the Premier League 3-1, then Qaher Al Kabeer and the leader of the farmers beat Al-Ahly in Cairo with a goal without a response in the sixth round.


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