Confessions of a suspect lead him to the noose … my mother killed because she threatened me to expose my relationship with my friend’s wife.


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An employee before the Cairo Criminal Court, during his trial headed by Counselor Muhammad Ali Mustafa Al-Feki, and the membership of counselors Mahmoud Yahya Rashdan and Abdullah Salam, confessed in detail to the killing of his mother, after she threatened to expose him because of his illegal relationship with his friend’s wife, and their agreement to get rid of him.

The court confronted the accused with the accusations against him with the referral order, and he said, “My mother felt my sinful relationship with the wife of a friend of my life, and she kept counseling me to stop this relationship and stay away from the mistress more than once, but the devil had controlled my mind, and I decided to complete that relationship and get rid of my friend with the help His wife, my parents found out about this and she threatened me to report the crime to the police. And I promised her not to commit the incident and to stay away from the mistress.

The accused continued, saying: “On the day of the accident I prepared dinner and took it with me, and after entering her room to sleep, the Devil took control of me, and I decided to get rid of her. The detectives when reporting the incident, and after that I broke the door lock, and went to work in the morning, and when I came back from work at 3 in the afternoon, I entered the apartment and kept screaming and the neighbors gathered, who found my mother killed and the apartment door broken, and I was able to convince them that the crime was motivated by theft. And when the police came to inspect the apartment, the initial investigations and investigations indicated that the accident was behind theft. He added, “After the transfer of my mother to the morgue, and the autopsy report came that the death was the result of Strangulation Sfaxia, she was able to receive the body after the prosecutor’s permission and buried it in the family’s cemetery.”

The accused added: After the crime was committed, my mistress refused to complete the sinful relationship that was between us, and she also refused to kill her husband. With myself that this boy is because of what I did to my mother.

The accused added that he regretted what he had done, but was absent from consciousness when the crime was committed due to his drug use. The court decided to refer the papers of the accused to the Honorable Mufti to take his legal opinion on his execution, and set the session for May 18 to deliver the verdict. Brigadier General Hossam Hanafi, the inspector of the investigations office in West Cairo, was able last year to uncover the mystery of a murder that occurred in 2011, and the prosecution registered the case against an unknown person, with the recommendation to assign the investigation attempts to search and investigate it.

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