Corona virus infected all my family, my lady


The artist announced Hind Abdel HalimShe and all her family were infected with the Coronavirus in its third wave that is currently sweeping Egypt, stressing that the virus is “malicious” and strict precautionary measures must be adhered to in this critical period.

The young Egyptian actress revealed, through her personal account on Instagram, the scenes and details of her family’s infection with the Corona virus, saying: This period is a difficult period or .. it is difficult or some of your family is tired and you don’t know how to keep your mind from it or even see it, especially when you are tired too It is debated that I really know what you do, but praise be to God. I wish you would abandon yourself and those who perish, and no one would tolerate the circumstances in which we are in.

And she continued: A malicious virus that can destroy a person’s life in a moment they are free from it .. Oh God, I ask you of your great kindness and generosity, and you will leave the beautiful, to heal my mother, father, and generous, and heal me, and provide us with health and wellness. .. your prayers.

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