Corona virus: Why do some mosques in Britain close their doors to women?


  • Sophia Smith Galler
  • BBC


Millions of Muslims around the world fast during Ramadan, but some mosques in the UK do not allow women to pray inside them. Some say it is time for a change.

Almas is rarely able to devote himself to worship, as she is the mother of three children, and she studies at the university. So, Ramadan means a lot to her.

“I looked forward to Tarawih prayers, especially on the weekends,” she says. “But when I spoke to the mosque near me, they said that the elderly, children and women are not allowed.”

The case of Diamond is not exceptional, as several mosques across the United Kingdom decided to close the women’s prayer room during this month. Most of them say the cause is the measures related to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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