Coronavirus: Five ways to make the hugging of loved ones safer in the time of COVID-19


  • Francesca Gillette
  • BBC News

A woman wears a face mask as she hugs her boyfriend at Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney after arriving from New Zealand in October 2020, Australia.

Photo released, James D. Morgan

Hugging tips and tricks for loved ones and friends have changed in both England and Scotland, starting Monday; 17 of this month. It is no longer recommended to be avoided among people from different families. For millions of people, this will be the first time that friends, loved ones and families have embraced after months of social distancing and a general lockdown.

Experts say there are real benefits to hugging. It reduces stress and blood pressure, but the government is urging people to be careful. How can you hug with caution?

Here we’ve gathered five of the coronavirus experts’ top tips on how to safely hug loved ones and friends.

First: Be Selectively

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