Criticizing the advertisement of Turki Al Sheikh, the show of the play “School of rioters” in color: “It is his right”


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The school of rioters in color will be shown for the first time in its history on the Saudi Shahid platform, which belongs to the mbc group.

Today, Sunday, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh announced the news of the school of rioters in color being shown on the famous stage.

Art critic Magda Khairallah commented, on the performance of the school of rioters in color, that he has the right to color the version that has obtained its rights only, and there is no legal impurity in that because he has the rights to display it in a way that does not prejudice its drama that was presented years ago.

Khairallah added, in statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, the new generation will be happy with the colors they will see in it, but our generation and previous generations will not like changing what they are brought up with and witnesses because the black and white color has its artistic aesthetics and everyone is associated with it and its artistic condition that cannot be changed, which we are used to.

And she continued: “There will still be the original version of the play that no one will approach it, so whoever saw the play in this way will still want it in the same form without change because this is history and we will not delete or change our history no matter what development happens. For example, we cancel all our black and white films and turn them in colors. This means that it is There was no stage named black and white. This is history ».

“Our generation who attended the play and saw it in its original colors, black and white, will be upset,” she concluded.


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