Daksh reveals what Alaa and Saeed said to Jerisha and the reaction after the meeting between Zamalek and Pyramids


In a new episode of the Khasa El Dakash program presented by colleague Mustafa Yahya, we review the most important scenes of the Zamalek and Pyramids match, which ended with the two teams tied with one goal for each team in the framework of the Premier League competitions

The match witnessed many exciting and interesting shots, which began with a great state of sportsmanship between the players of the two teams and the technical devices, and a special reception from the fans for the player Awad in the first appearance with the team in the basic formation after a long absence.

Omar Jaber, the current Pyramids player and former Zamalek player, also greeted the white fans greatly before the match, but the atmosphere inside the match stadium soon turned after the Pyramids advanced over Zamalek in the first half, which angered the White Castle fans, especially after the Friqim players retreated in front of the Pyramids, but Soon things changed and turned into anxiety and emotions at the Zamalek bench during the second half due to the delay in the white team’s score for the equalizer, which came in the last minutes of the match from a penalty kick that was the object of great objection from the Pyramids bench and the joy of the white fans, but the joy that was mixed Hoping to win quickly due to the end of Greishas jihad for the meeting, which caused severe objection from the Zamalek apparatus and players, considering the matter to be prejudice from the referee of the match against their team due to the loss of a large period of the meeting in the interruptions that the international Grisha did not compensate for in his lost time.


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