“Death” is one of the main dramatic threads in Yusras work


It seems to observers of the drama of the star Yousra during her career full of creativity that “death” is one of the main dramatic threads that appear in most of her television works, despite the different roles and personality that she embodies with great ingenuity and with a simple but strong performance, and with the diversity of stories and issues that she addresses through her works..

And through the series “Civil War”, which is starring in it and shown during the current Ramadan race, new events appear at work after the death of “Aziz”, who is free from Maryam – Yusra – and who is embodied by the artist Rushdie Shamy, whose wife, “Nadine” – Cynthia Khalifa – begins planning the takeover On the inheritance after his death and attributing the child she carried from Youssef – Basil Khayat – to her husband, and she refuses to abort the fetus after she betrayed her husband, and perhaps this was not the first time that events changed after the death of one of the heroes of the work in the Yusra series, as this happened in more than one act Previous, them:

Soul King

The events of the work revolve around Malak that arises between her and Mahmoud a love story, but this story is intercepted by Mahmoud’s uncle, who tries to separate them in any way until the events are turned upside down after discovering Mahmoud’s death and accusing her of killing him. The series starring Yusra, Ahmed Ezz, Hassan Hosni and Sami Al-Adl, written by Muhammad Ashraf Al-Quraishi, directed by Magdy Abu Amira.

With red wax

The series revolves around Fatima, a forensic doctor who lives a quiet life, helps the security services in some cases to uncover a number of facts, and Fatima helps one of the officers to uncover the mystery of a major crime, which causes her to have many problems with its perpetrators, the series starring Yusra, Hisham Abdel Hamid, Samy Al-Adl and Sherine Written by Nadine Shams, directed by Samir Seif.

Sherbet almonds

“Sherbat”, the simple woman whose life changes after she marries a rich man, and dies after a short time from their husband, faces many crises and problems after the death of her husband, who inherits his estate, which pushes her to enter into many conflicts with his family, but in a comic fashion, starring Yusra and Samir Ghanem, Raja Al-Jeddawi and Tamer Hagras, written by Tamer Habib, directed by Khaled Maree.

Reign betrayed

The series revolves around “Ahed”, which is exposed to many plots from the people closest to her, but the most difficult of these conspiracies against her was the killing of her son, after whom the events of the series change and she seeks revenge for him. It stars Yusra, Hala Shiha, Abeer Sabri, Khaled Sarhan and Jumana Murad. Written by Ahmed Adel Sultan, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

It is noteworthy that the series “Civil War” starring: Yousra, Basil Khayat, Arwa Judeh, Cynthia Khalifa, Jamila Awad, Mayan Al-Sayed, Rushdi Al-Shami, Mahmoud Hegazy, Marwa Al-Azali, Berlanti Fouad, and a number of other artists, and it is written by Ahmed Adel and directed by Sameh Abdul Aziz and United Production for Media Services with the participation of Al-Adl Group for the producer, Gamal Al-Adl.


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