Deduction of points and a fine. Penalties await Man United after its fans stormed Old Trafford


The Manchester United team is waiting for heavy penalties after the fact that its fans stormed the “Old Trafford” stadium yesterday evening, Sunday, which led to Postponing his meeting against Liverpool In the 34th round of the Premier League competition.

And she was Man United fans It had gathered in front of the “Old Trafford” stadium, to demand the departure of the club’s family of Glazers, after the club was included in the European Super League, and its rejection of their policy inside the “Red Devils”, and it intercepted the Red Devils bus, then stormed the stadium and violent clashes occurred with the security.

According to the British newspaper “Mirror”, it is possible that points will be deducted with a fine imposed on Manchester United, after the English Premier League was forced to postpone the team’s meeting with Liverpool due to the crowd’s demonstrations in front of “Old Trafford”.

Violent clashes erupted between security and Manchester United fans in front of the “Old Trafford” stadium and outside the players’ hotel, and as a result the meeting was delayed from its scheduled date of 5:30 pm yesterday, Sunday, but with the intensity of the violence and the crowd storming the stadium, forced the English Premier League I have to postpone the meeting to a date to be determined.

The Premier League announced that the decision to postpone the confrontation with Manchester United and its guest, Liverpool, was taken after consultations between the two clubs and local authorities.

It is worth noting that the Manchester United summit against Liverpool was decisive for the Premier League title, as in the event that the Red Devils were lost, City would be crowned champion of the competition.


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