Defense comes first … the champion of the City campaign, and Paris is not Mahrez


The English newspapers covered extensively the aftershocks of Manchester City’s first-time qualification to the Champions League final, but not everyone agreed on the star of the match.

Riyad Mahrez was the champion of the campaign at the Etihad Stadium by scoring two goals against Paris Saint-Germain, and he deserved praise and a full salute, but there were those who got more praise.

Manchester City’s defense has had the lion’s share of acclaim, with City’s top scorer in the semi-finals, as well as Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson, who helped create the first goal.

British newspaper “Daily Mail” chose Englishman John Stones as a man for the match after the great effort he made to protect Manchester City’s goal from the French guest’s attempts, to get a rating of 9 out of 10.

By a difference of only half a degree, Stones’ partner Robin Diaz came in second place among the best City players in the match, which is the same as Riyad Mahrez and Olxander Zinchenkos rating.

Pep Guardiola received an 8-point rating out of 10 in the management of the match, the same score obtained by Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Fodin and Fernandinho Walker, with 7.5, followed by Ilkay Gundogan and Ederson, followed by Bernardo Silva 7 points.


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