Despite the criticism … “Girls of Alassas” forcefully break into Moroccan homes


The “first” channel of the National Radio and Television Corporation revealed, in a communique it had seen Sky News Arabia“، The series “Banat Al-Assas” managed to win seven million viewers around the screen, with a viewership of 46.1%.

The story of the series revolves around the suffering of three sisters who were forced to flee to a city White HouseAfter they found themselves exposed to the street due to the addiction and bankruptcy of their father, the older sister bears the responsibility of her younger sister after the death of her mother the moment she gave birth..

Subjects close to the viewer

Bushra Malik, the screenwriter for the series, commented on an interview withSky News ArabiaSaying: “The series’ success lies in its proximity to MoroccansAnd about the societal issues that concern them. The topics and themes that have been worked on address most Moroccan families“.

According to the spokeswoman, the artistic work discusses a range of topics: “It is related to the life that Moroccan citizens live, rural migration, that is, life within the city in all its forms and types, and the multiplicity of economic and emotional problems.

“The series is a reflection To the contradictions of the Moroccan family, and an attempt to monitor the imbalances that Moroccan society lives in all its segments. “

Bushra Malik, in her speech, confirmed that clerk Scenario It must fulfill several conditions, the most prominent of which is the accuracy of the observation. Through this work, I tried to shed light on societal phenomena that may seem profound, but that greatly affect the lives of individuals. Such as excessive use of smart phones by children, or drug abuse by some young people. “

In the same context, Moroccan actress Mona Fattou expressed her satisfaction with this work. She said in an interview withSky News Arabia“: “The text was successful and entered smoothly into the spectator’s heart. The Moroccan viewer, despite his openness to Drama He is always looking for works in which he sees himself, which is what made a large number of Moroccans accept and interact with the Daughters of Al-Assas series. “

و .ضافت: “As well as the script being good, I also think the staff was on the level, along with directing and production“.

For her part, Moroccan singer Asma Al-Munawar, who presented the song “El Sharra” for the series, titled “Wattach” (When), expressed her admiration for the performances of the actors and wrote through her account on InstagramWho is watching with us the series – Banat Al Assas – the most watched Moroccan series, with seven and a half million views per day, as well as in the introduction –Trend- On YouTube’s first channel. “She added,” Greetings to everyone who contributed to the success of this work. “.

The death of “my good dear”

The events of the series occupied bloggers Social MediaEspecially the scene of the death of one of his characters in Episode 16, and it is related to the character “Dear Al-Tayeb”, which was portrayed by the actor Mansour Badri. The scene of the death that made the followers mourned is still recent on social media Morocco, West, sunset.

Posts and posts related to “Dear Al-Tayyib” dominated Facebook, and even non-followers of the series entered the line with posts inquiring about the man’s identity.

Bushra Malik commented on this scene, saying: “It is necessary to cause a shock to the viewer, wake him up from his sleep, and remove him from the monotony. With this scene I wanted to address the fear of death and the trauma that it leaves behind. Who among us has not received the news of the death of one of his relatives or friends.”.

She added, “Death The good Which artist Mansour Badri portrayed in the series does not mean the death of a person only, but the end of many values ​​across this character. While writing, I tried to build this character on the principles of goodness and put in it all the characteristics of kindness that we are looking for in the other. He is a likable person who treats his wife affectionately and respects others. He also showed, in several situations, his selflessness and dedication to serving others. These are good qualities that we look for in others. “

The screenwriter also confirmed that One of the most important values ​​that I have tried to focus on within this series is the importance of family. Individualism and excessive use of means Technology Make people not care too much about others. And theMy dear goodPeople were most interested in his family and relatives, and he even called for a day in the year to be devoted to celebrating the family. “

Criticism of the series

On the other hand, the series “Banat Al-Assas”, which is shown on the first channel during this Ramadan, has been subjected to harsh criticism on social networking sites..

Moroccan activists on the series reproached the appearance of the two Moroccan actresses, Donia Boutazout and her colleague, Mona, in the second episode in two roles that are not befitting of their age..

Many considered that Boutazout and Fatwas portrayal of the role of two teenage girls did not suit them, and therefore they did not convince the viewers that they were really teenagers.

In response to these criticisms, actress Mona Fattu said that the goal was to present work at the level, adding, “It was easy for the producer to resort to other actresses, but he preferred to rely on experienced actresses, so that the feeling was sincere and the roles performed well. The feeling is more important in this case than other considerations. “

And the artist continued: “The team worked with limited capabilities, and in a short time“. According to Fatwa, the filming of this work took place in about three months, which is “a short time.”“.

The actress was considered that pandemic Corona It cast a shadow over the atmosphere of photographing artworks, as fewer technical and artistic teams are employed, while being careful to adhere to the application of the health protocol“.

وفتعت: “Despite all the difficult circumstances associated with the pandemic, we have tried to respect the viewer’s taste and perform our roles with great professionalism“.


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