Details of the first martial arts competition in space amid zero gravity


Space 11, a new production company, is launching a reality program called “Galactic Combat” that will see 40 mixed martial arts fighters from around the world prepare for a final match in a zero-gravity arena. The series will follow the fighters during a 12-month competition to be the first to participate. In a new sport called “MMA-Zero G.”

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, all fighters will undergo training and learn how to fight in the absence of gravity through the programs and conditioning programs used to train astronauts.

The last two centers will go into space for the final event aboard a custom rocket as it orbits the Earth for 90 minutes.

Galactic Combat, which is in pre-production, is also set to air in 12 episodes in 2023.

The announcement was shared by Andrea Ervolino, founder of Space 11, which aims to produce films, TV shows and events directly outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

“The ultimate combat scene in an environment of zero gravity will provide an unmissable viewing experience that will be groundbreaking, and exemplify what Space 11 is designed to offer to passionate audiences,” said Irvolino.

Irvolino added that the coordination that requires unique training and introduces the most exciting new sports competitions serves the fans well, stressing, “Of course we are fully committed to the tested techniques and scientific data that we know will provide the safest experience during the process.”


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