Details of the stormy meeting of the Pyramids management with Aruabarina … and one last chance for the coach


Engineer Mamdouh Eid, CEO of Pyramids Club, held a lengthy meeting with Argentine coach Rodolfo Aruabarina, coach of the first team, in the wake of the team’s recent loss by four goals to two against Ceramica in the Premier League.

The president of Pyramids expressed many question marks to the Argentine coach on the way the team appeared in the Ceramica match, expressing his great surprise at the repetition of the same mistakes and not working to correct them, and he also made several observations on the form and performance of the team and the way it played and his insistence on some technical matters that cost the team Losing points in the league and not treating some of the deficiencies that the team suffers from, and it has been repeated in many past matches.

During the session, the club president stressed the need to avoid repeating the same mistakes that the team made in the recent period, and the technical staff does not work seriously to remedy them because it cost the team dearly, chief among them are defensive mistakes and wasting easy opportunities, and the evidence is what happened in the Ceramica match that Pyramids reached the opponent’s goal. 27 times within 90 minutes and only scored two goals, while the guests reached the Pyramids goal 7 times and scored 4 goals in light of fatal defensive errors that are repeated and not addressed, despite the presence of the best players in Egypt, the management contracted with them to support the various centers at the beginning of the current season with each meeting The demands of the technical staff, and in light of the confirmation of the technical staff itself that the administration meets everything and deals with it very professionally and gives it all the required powers.

The president of Pyramids confirmed that the coach has a final opportunity to improve conditions within the team and return to victories locally and continually, and that any new loss will cost Aruabarina his position, especially since the club provides everything for the technical staff and players and meets all requests and the best results must be achieved.

For his part, the Argentine coach assured his understanding of the management’s anger at the poor results in light of the capabilities it provides to us and the players who are the best ever, and pledged not to lose again in the league, and he also promised to work with full force in order to resolve the African rise in front of Animba of Nigeria in the first-leg match. The final that takes place in Egypt on the sixteenth of this May.


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