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The 85-year-old Algerian fighter, Jamila Bouhaired, was infected with the Corona virus.

Jamila Bouhird is currently undergoing treatment at the Mustapha Pasha University Hospital in the Algerian capital, and initial indications show that her condition has stabilized.

The Algerian Minister of Health, the Minister of Labor, and the Governor of the Algerian capital visited Bouhaired in the hospital to check on her health condition.

And about her infection with Corona, Bouhaired said: “I will improve, God willing, my greetings to all the Algerian and Arab people and everyone who asks about me,” according to Sky News.

“Thank you to the health staff at the hospital, they have taken care of me a lot. The Algerian doctors have competence and I trust them,” Bouhired, 85, added, with signs of fatigue.

Those close to Bouhaired hope that she will leave the hospital on Sunday or Monday, as her health continues to improve, which so far seems stable.

Bouhaired is considered one of the most famous fighter in the history of Algeria, as she bears the title of “the icon of the Algerian liberation revolution”, whose story inspired dozens of poets who wrote about a hundred poems about her life, headed by the late Nizar Qabbani, Salah Abdel-Sabour and Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab.

Bouhaired joined the struggle at an early age, a year after the outbreak of the revolution on the first of November 1954, and was among the cells that planted bombs that were targeting the French occupation.

She was arrested in 1957, subjected to torture at the hands of the French forces, and sentenced to death, but France did not implement the sentence due to international pressure, so the sentence was amended from execution to life imprisonment, and she was only released after the independence of Algeria in 1962.


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