Did you know that you can copy and paste between Apple devices?


Some people find it difficult for themselves to use technology by relying on traditional methods of obtaining services instead of carrying out their tasks by relying on simple steps, and the evidence for this is that some send an email to themselves or use a note-sync application with the cloud such as Evernote, if they need to copy something and paste it between IPhone and Mac. This despite the fact that there are built-in methods of copying and pasting between Apple devices, according to TheNextWeb.

It turns out there is a feature built into Apple devices that lets you copy and paste between them.

How to copy and paste between different Apple devices.

First: You need to make sure that some things are in order and they are:

Register your devices to the same iCloud account

Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Once you do that, you need to enable Handoff. To do this on iOS (or iPadOS), go to Settings. Then select General and head to AirPlay & Handoff.

If you want to enable cross-device copying and pasting on macOS, then you need to head over to Settings on that device as well. From there click on General, tick next to the section that says Handoff.

Once all of that is done, you should be able to copy and paste between your Apple devices for your content, and it works for text, images, and videos.


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