Director “Leave Your Mind From Zizi”: The series has all of its characters very close to life


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Karim El-Shenawy, director of the series “Leave your mind from Zizi”, which won the admiration of many viewers, during his presentation in the Ramadan 2021 drama, revealed the scenes of the work.

Al-Shennawi said in a telephone interview on “Nujoom FM” radio, through the program, “Stars of Ramadan is Near to You” on Sunday, that “I was enthusiastic about more than one need, the most important of which was the text. It was very tempting.” Maryam Naoum’s workshop was very tempting and different and outside my comfort zone, presented before. The era of blood and Cain, and I liked to get out of this framework, very happy with the reactions I have received so far ».

He added: “We were expecting as we present a new idea, because it will take 5 days for people to expect the idea of ​​the work. The most need simplified me was the reaction of people about the work and what attracted them to it, such as the psychological aspect of the topic, which was written very carefully from the writing workshop, and Amina Khalil did her work very well and did not She was not afraid and our job was what she needed. We were focused on our work and we left the result and evaluated it to the public. I received many reactions and happy people who gave us a boost in the last few meters.

He explained: “Before entering the production of (Be free of mind from Zizi) I had a project with Maryam Naoum, and his budget was very huge, and we decided to wait and we went to work Zizi and we had 10 episodes and a strong treatment of the characters, and Ramadan remains with his watching. We must monitor the work in 30 episodes, and the work He is the one who imposes himself, and Ramadan is like the league and you collect points. No one wins the league from the first 5 matches, and we must focus and our episodes remain with the same strength, and of course it has the needs of 15 episodes or 7 episodes in the end diversity is required ».

He pointed out: “The series all its characters are very similar to life, all the time we were thinking about this, and I hope we are walking at the same pace and people are expecting strong episodes and human needs that resemble our lives, and we are still working until now.”


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