Director Mazen Al-Gharabawi: Amr El-Kady’s choice of “Hamlet Upside Down” is an attempt to advance a young talent who has succeeded in cinema (photos)


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Director Mazen Al-Gharabawi is preparing to present the new theatrical show “Hamlet Upside Down”, written by Dr. Sameh Mahran, and produced by the Modern Theater Company.

Director Mazen Al-Gharabawi signed his choice of artist Amr Al-Qadi to join the team of the play, which is scheduled to open soon at Al-Salam Theater. Modern theater provides opportunities for young artists to lead the roles of the championship, all of these elements were widely available in the artist Amr El-Qadi, who came well suited to the theatrical vision written by Dr. Sameh Mahran, pointing out that the show is attended by a large group of artists, which will be revealed in the coming days.

The artist, Amr El-Qadi, added that he had been busy during the past years with cinema and did not perform any theatrical performances because he was not convinced of the works presented to him unless he found the text “Hamlet in reverse”, which he described as different and will present it in a new way, pointing out that he was very impressed with the text presented by “Mahran” And he found him very tempting to any actor and difficult at the same time because the character is full of challenges, which encouraged him to go through that experience.

He added, “The show is different from the commercial shows offered during that period, as the team seeks to present a meaningful theatrical show that has real theatrical foundations, such as the ones we were brought up on and learned at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, in which I am proud of my studies.”

The “judge” indicated that he is an actor in the modern theater group, but he refused to perform theatrical performances that he was not convinced of during the last period.

Artist Khaled Najdi, director of the Modern Theater Company, said: “Amr Al-Qadi is one of the talented artists present in the artistic house of the theater. He is the son of the modern theater group, and we chose him because he is the most appropriate actor to perform that character, and the play itself has a new proposal written by Dr. Sameh Mahran, made us excited to present the show, which is scheduled to start soon. ”

“Hamlet Upside Down”, produced by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, the cultural production sector, the artistic house of theater, the modern theater troupe, authored by Dr. Sameh Mahran, directed by Mazen Al-Gharabawi, with the participation of a large group of young stars.


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