Disgusting and disgusting … Criticism of Etoile’s advertisement for Eid | news


The new advertising campaign for Etoile confectioners, to advertise the “Kahk” of Eid al-Fitr, faces many criticisms.

Two days ago, the campaign began to be shown on various channels, and the public expressed its annoyance at the advertising campaign.

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On Twitter, the audience described the ad with words such as “disgusting and disgusting”, as it contained scenes that motivated you not to eat cakes in the first place.


The advertisement shows a number of people eating the “cake” of Eid, with their mouths full and insisting on speaking and food flying from their mouths.

This is the second advertising campaign for Etoile pastries, as the Lebanese artist Nicole Saba participated in the first campaign that was shown in the first half of Ramadan.

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