Do not miss the frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel 2021, songs and wonderful programs now on your device


The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel has been updated, and in this article we will explain this updated frequency. We are confident that the public of birds of paradise in the Arab and Western world revolves behind it and is eager to know more about it and about the latest frequencies, so your children will not be able to stay much away from the Birds of Paradise channel that attracts Children with their minds and hearts and dwells their conscience.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel

You can now receive satellite broadcasts by knowing the frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel, which offers interesting content for children and adults also like it, as new mothers and fathers and young people were the fans of the channel and its programs at some point, as the channel has been broadcasting its programs for several years, and you can set your receiver on:

  • Frequency: 11632
  • Polarization: vertical
  • Coding rate: 27500

The most powerful Birds of Paradise programs

  • A sport in a sport program: It is a program that cultivates in children a love of sports, and enhances its value in developing human health and strengthening muscles, drawing the attention of young people to the need to empty energies in good means and ways.
  • Your voice is a treasure: In a context of credibility, love of competition and visibility, the channel has set up a singing competition for several years to discover the talents of children, and the winner every year is the star of the channel, and one of the most famous winners in this competition is Amina Karam.
  • A visit with the mother: We have a long time, Jana Al-Miqdad, who stole the hearts of many of her followers on YouTube and on the channel with her wit and presence, and presents this interesting and interesting program, especially for girls of her age.
  • Shams Never Go: This program promotes values ​​and morals and their importance for the renaissance of society and the advancement of Muslims.
  • And we do not forget the many, many valuable songs that have been admired by many, many and have stolen the minds of young people for several years, such as the songs of Mama Jawb Bibi and Baba Telephone with the creator Khaled Al-Miqdad and his two children, which reinforce the danger of lying and warning parents of the need not to help children to lie.
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