Document .. Know the material that Al-Ahly relied on in its request to bring in foreign rulers


Al-Ahly club sent a letter on Tuesday morning to the Football Association requesting the appointment of foreign referees from the first European classification for all upcoming Red Genie matches in the General League competition.

Al-Ahly confirmed in his speech to the Football Association that it would bear all the financial costs of bringing in foreign referees, based on this on the list of the competitions committee of Jabalia.

وتنص Article 110c From the list of competitions, Chapter Two in Chapter Four (Referees’ Affairs):

In the event that any club requests the appointment of foreign referees for any match in which it participates, and the federation has agreed to fulfill its request .. This club shall pay the costs of summoning referees, arbitration allowances, transfers, accommodation … etc. in foreign currency at least two weeks before the date of the match. “

Al-Ahly was also based Article 111 From the same chapter, which states:

The Federation shall bear the costs of bringing foreign referees to the important matches of public sensitivity for reasons of public security, which are determined by the Federation’s Board of Directors.

Al-Ahly had been subjected to a severe arbitration injustice in its match against Ghazl Al-Mahalla, in which the refereeing team led by Muhammad Maarouf overlooked the counting of a penalty kick for the red maddah, in addition to declaring a red card owed to the defender of the owners of the land.

The Al-Ahly match and Ghazl Al-Mahalla, which the Red Genie lost with a clean goal, is one of the series of matches that witnessed clear arbitration errors against the Red Castle, most notably the Al-Ahly Bank, Pyramids and Wadi Tigris confrontations.


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