Does body shape affect a man’s mental health?


8:00 AM

Monday 03 May 2021


A new study in Britain showed that negative feelings about body shape affect the mental health of 58% of men.

The study was conducted as part of the British charitable suicide prevention campaign, on more than 2,000 men between the ages of 16 and 40 who suffer negative feelings about their bodies, according to the UAE 24 website.

And 58% of them said that they have negative feelings about the shape of their bodies, while only 26% said that they are happy with their appearance.

The study showed that people with negative feelings about their appearance suffered, to varying degrees, from psychological problems such as depression, stress, and self-confidence, which often leads to isolation.

The researchers stressed the need to avoid comparing men to their body shapes, and to work to fix any physical errors such as weight gain or sagging with exercise, and to follow healthy diets and a sound lifestyle, according to the Metro website.


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