Does El-Shenawy need a motivational plan from Al-Ahly in the manner of “Al-Hadary and Nader Al-Sayed”?


Believing that the goalkeeper is one of the centers that witness fierce competition in football, the fact that the goalkeeper does not have the flexibility to change his position on the field, and the custom prevails that the teams depend on the first goalkeeper, and his substitute is deprived of the opportunity except in rare cases, Al-Ahly adopted a new policy in motivating his goalkeeper The famous former Essam El-Hadary is required to repeat it with his current guard, Mohamed El-Shennawy.

When started level Urban It retreated sharply at the beginning of the period of Al-Ahly’s brilliance locally and in Africa, which began in 2004, so the decision of the magician Manuel Jose, the most successful foreign coach in the history of the Red Castle, was for the Al-Ahly club to contract with Nader Al-Sayed, the steady goalkeeper at his distinguished level, so that the club had two senior goalkeepers, and even Nader is like a ready-made man who waits for the opportunity to fade the star of Hatra until he is the first, but the High Dam did not miss the opportunity and understood the message of his coach and club and bitten his hands on the opportunity and became the undisputed strongest

Regarding this period, Al-Hadary said after his retirement, “When Al-Ahly contracted with Nader Al-Sayed, my mentality changed and I trained more, became more persistent and lost 9 kilograms of my weight. This is a turning point when Al-Ahly decided to sign a goalkeeper of the size of Nader Al-Sayed. To thank Nader El-Sayed, because he was the main goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team, and he is the reason for my mindset change“.

And the High Dam added, “Manuel Jose used to think that I was arrogant and loved nothing but myself, and he was provoking me to put all my energy out into the stadium and training. He and Ahmed Nagy were with them my key until I reached the best goalkeeper in Africa and reach the current position.”

Al-Hadari’s brilliance forced Nader to sit for him in reserve, so Nader became another victim of the High Dam, which has become the undisputed best keeper in the African continent for many years, so does Al-Ahly need to repeat this scenario with its star Mohamed El-Shenawy, who presented historical seasons with the red jersey and led the red genie to crown the league African champions for the ninth time after a 7-year absence, as well as winning the Egypt Cup by penalty shootout against Al-Tale’i. He returned after crowning the league for the fifth consecutive season to restore Al-Ahly’s world achievement and achieve third place in the World Cup clubs and crowned with bronze thanks to his brilliance in the penalty shootout in front of Palmeiras Brazilian.

And recently it started El Shennawy He appears in a different way in Al-Ahly matches, as he shook the red nets repeatedly in his presence, in addition to his extreme nervousness with his colleagues and even the match officials in a rapid development that threatens the ability of the Red Genie to maintain the local and African titles. So does Al-Ahly reproduce the Al-Hadary mix and Nader Al-Sayed to motivate Al-Shenawi to contract with a new guard The Great Wall of Al-Ahly returns to the path of creativity again?


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