Dr. Ahmed Karima responds to “Newton’s Game”: The author made a legal and legitimate mistake .. verbal divorce takes place in all cases | news


A case of religious controversy sparked by the series “Newton’s Game” during the past few days, after the incident of Sheikh Mu’nis’ marriage to Hana following her verbal divorce from Hazem.

Controversy was raised about the legality of verbal divorce, does legal divorce take place, and it is permissible for a wife to marry another after the end of the waiting period?

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FilFan website contacted Dr. Ahmed Karima, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence and Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, who revealed a legal and Sharia error in which the makers of the work committed. The marriage official must ask the wife during the marriage contract whether she is virgin or virgin, and therefore if she was previously married, she may not marry another man without presenting the divorce certificate, and this happens anywhere in the world as long as it was done by a legal marriage officer.

Karima continued: “This is the condition of the marriage of a woman who has already been married, which is to present an official document proving her divorce from her previous husband or his death if she was his widow, and this happens anywhere in the world, even if America is as long as the marriage took place at the hands of a legal authorized.”

And about the controversy that arose about the occurrence and legality of the verbal divorce, Dr. Generous argument, saying: Al-Azhar and Dar Al-Iftaa settled this issue long ago, verbal divorce takes place and is considered a divorce even if it is in a moment of anger or joking, and the man has to inform his wife that he returned her if he replied, and in the event of her failure to respond, the divorce is valid.

It is noteworthy that the series “Newton’s Game” starring Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed Farraj, Sayed Ragab, Aisha bin Ahmed and a group of stars, written and directed by Tamer Mohsen, and a screenplay and dialogue by Maha Al-Wazir and a writing workshop.

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