Drinks that protect against the Corona virus, most notably milk … Get to know them


The Ministry of Health and Population revealed many drinks that help a lot in preventing the emerging corona virus, which contain many beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system in the human body.

Beverages containing vitamin C, drinks that protect against corona virus

The Ministry of Health announced in an official statement that it is necessary to drink these drinks, because they are drinks that protect against the Corona virus, and among the most important of these drinks are the following:

  • One cup of natural orange juice because it is filled with many vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin C, and also saves those who take it from a vitamin “C” capsule and protects against infection with the emerging corona virus.

The health benefits of orange juice

  • Make sure to drink 8 or more glasses of water throughout the day, because dehydration greatly affects the health and the performance of all body systems in general.

Water trade routes in Lebanon - our trade

  • Drink a cup of milk in the morning and at the end of the evening, because it is one of the most natural drinks that benefit the body a lot and strengthens the immunity of all people continuously when consuming it.

Can milk and yogurt be consumed after the expiration date? | Tawasul electronic newspaper

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that it continues to raise the levels of its maximum preparations in all governorates, and to work to follow up the situation moment by moment regarding Corona VirusAnd to take all important preventive measures against all viruses or other infectious diseases.

The Ministry of Health was keen to allocate many means for receiving all the questions and inquiries of citizens regarding the emerging corona virus, including the hotline numbers “105” and “15335” and the WhatsApp number “01553105105”.


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