During an official statement … Musimani’s agent responds to Sun Downs about the recent crisis


Published company MT SportsResponsible for managing the works of Pesto Mosimane, coach of the first football team, a statement regarding the recent crisis published by the South African newspapers

The South African newspaper reported that Sun Downs has filed a lawsuit worth 8 million South African rand ($580,000) against Mosimane’s wife, Moria Tigali.

According to a report from the newspaper, the yellow team is asking the agency Mosimane, owned by Tigali, repaying the amount of 8 million rand.

The company’s statement came in response to Sundowns management:

“We have received, with great shock and disappointment, letters from Sundowns Club regarding the request to pay the original commission fee to renew Pitso Mosimane’s contract with the team..

We tried to speak to the club’s president at the time, Patrice Motsepe, in January of last year, and our request to speak to him was refused, and last week we tried to contact the current president, but our request was met with silence..

Leaking that story to the media is nothing but rude, and this also comes after the events of last week and a group of Sundowns fans insulting the coach and his mother..

These allegations and media leaks offended the reputation of Patrice Motesby, who blessed the termination of Mosimane’s contract with Sundowns and wished him success with Al-Ahly Club..

“On numerous occasions and over the past years, by expressing my support for leaving Mosimane to coach in North Africa, Europe or the South African national team, I have received a warm and emotional note from Bitso and I am proud of his successes with Sundowns,” Motesbe said. He will always be a member of the club’s family.

Musimani is doing a great job in Egypt, he recently won the African Super Cup with Al-Ahly, he has been received by Al-Ahly club as well as the Egyptian people, and he wants to focus on his job and continue to perform his mission successfully.

We are grateful to Sundowns for the years he spent there and we do not wish this glorious legacy to be contaminated with conflicts that can be easily and quickly dealt with at the professional and private level. We hope that reason reigns and that this matter is resolved amicably. However, if that is not possible, we would be happy to meet Sundowns in court.”


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