Egypt from above, another thing … an American astronaut takes a picture of the Delta, Sinai and the Nile from space


Egypt is always the focus of everyone’s attention for its privileged location in the middle of the world and the globe, and it has always been the focus of attention of space, after capturing the French astronaut Thomas Pisquet, an image from space of the Nile River and the Delta of Egypt, the American astronaut Robert Sheen walked as a coolant, Also a picture of Egypt from higher space.

Egypt from space
Egypt from space

He published, through his Twitter account, a picture from space taken from the International Space Station, showing the Nile River, Delta, Red Sea and the turquoise land of the Sinai Peninsula, in a wonderful and beautiful appearance, accompanied by a comment: “Egypt, the Nile River and the Red Sea from the International Space Station.”

American astronaut Robert Sheen as a coolant
US astronaut Robert Sheen’s tweet as a cooler

A few days ago, the French astronaut, Thomas Pisquet, took a picture from space of the Nile River and the Delta of Egypt, expressing his great admiration for their distinguished location, stressing that they are of the distinctive places in the world that can be immediately recognized and from the first glance of their vision..

Pisquet published the photo on his Twitter account, accompanied by his comment: “The land is vast, but there are places that can be recognized to win and from the first glance .. The Nile and the Delta led in Egypt, whose fertility contrasts with the surrounding desert and flows into the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.“.

This was not the first time that Pisque showed his admiration for Egypt and its important landmarks such as the Nile from space, where he had previously taken a picture from space of the Nile River and Egypt at night in 2016, and also published it through his Twitter account on November 28, 2016, followed by a comment: ” I flew over the delta and the Nile, very easy to spot at night“.

Also earlier this week, the official account of the American Embassy in Cairo shared on “Twitter” NASA pictures that it took of the scene of the three pyramids in the center of Giza, and commented: “The pyramids of Giza will remain the favorite subject, photographed by astronauts! Photo: NASA.”


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