Egypt .. Zamalek threatens to withdraw from the football, basketball and hand tournaments


And Zamalek demanded, during the statement, to investigate various facts, while preserving the right of asylum to any other party to obtain the right of the club without compromise.

Among the facts that the club demanded to investigate was failure to comply with the regulations regarding the Born in 1999 Football League championship, according to which “Zamalek had to be considered winning the championship, while another club (Al-Ahly) was unjustly satisfied,” according to the statement.

As well as “the penalty imposed on the player Imam Ashour and the claim that no appeal was lodged against the penalty, which confirms the direction of the committee running the Football Association towards a particular club, and the suspicious position of trying to hide the grievance presented by the club.”

He also called on Zamalek to “investigate the imposition of penalties on the basketball team for violating regulations and deny Zamalek his right as he won the Al-Ahly match, although Zamalek Cleared the stands. “

The club also objected to “awarding the title of the Egyptian Handball Cup last season to Al-Ahly club without a legal basis, in order to miss the opportunity for the honorable sporting competition for the title.”

And he called for an investigation into the appointment of referees for the team’s football matches, “who had previous positions hostile to the club,” according to the statement.

In the conclusion of the statement, Zamalek clarified that “he will not contest any meeting in the three games until the requests of the White Club are answered.”

An investigation into injustice

“The administration’s statement comes as a result of several recent incidents, during which Zamalek was subjected to injustice, and there had to be a firm stance,” said Amr Al-Dardir, a media spokesman for Zamalek club.

Al-Dardir added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Zamalek is subjected to injustice, and there is no guarantee that the teams will have equal chances in competition. The unions do not rely on regulations, but they detail decisions in favor of specific clubs.”

And he added, “During the next few hours, complaints will be lodged with the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports against the Football, Basketball and Hand federations, and we may escalate the matter to the International Football Association (FIFA).”

Commentary on the facts

The media spokesman clarifies that “the facts mentioned in the statement highlight the club’s recent injustice. The Egyptian Cup, in the handball game, for example, was counted in favor of the Al-Ahly club, although it was canceled before the semi-final matches, and we do not find a justification for calculating it in favor of Al-Ahly, and it will not give up.” Not counting in favor of any of the four teams, or completing the tournament. “

Commenting on Imam Ashour’s punishment, Al-Dardir says: “After suspending young Zamalek players, we contacted the Football Association to find out the legal way to appeal the decision in accordance with the federation’s rules, but we were told that we need to file an appeal for Imam Ashour alone separately from the rest of the players, given that he is He was subjected to a different penalty than them, and the Football Association told us at the time that we would not be able to involve the player in any meeting until the appeal committee of the association heard, so we would be surprised after that by the statements of the head of the appeal committee, in which he clarifies that Zamalek did not file an appeal against Ashour’s penalty decision in the first place.

And he continues: “In the 1999 born league championship, the tournament regulations were not relied upon, and despite Zamalek’s entitlement to the title, he did not get it.”

Al-Dardir added, “At the level of the first team, we do not know the reason for appointing referees who have positions hostile to the team in earlier times, including Jihad Greisha, the referee of the Zamalek and Pyramids match, who ended the meeting before the end of the lost time. If that is the way to deal with a club the size of Zamalek,” It would be better not to participate in those tournaments. “

He concluded: “We promise the fans of the team that we will not give up the rights of the club, and this is the current goal of the administration, and we will not continue in any tournament before making sure that there is an environment suitable for fair competition.”


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