Ehab Tawfik: The top singing is not a good voice now … and this one


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Sunday 02 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Jumaa:

Singer Ihab Tawfiq said that the top in singing now is not a good voice, and if that was the case, the singer Medhat Saleh would have dominated the singing market, but having a good team working with the singer now makes him the best.

Tawfiq added, during his interview with director Enas El-Deghidi, on the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Bold” program, broadcast on the “Cairo and Al-Nas” satellite channel, on Sunday evening, that he will not run for the Musicians Syndicate elections after the artist Hani Shaker, because he is not good at managing. He always saluted Hani Shaker. In singing since the seventies until now and the continuation of his words and his good voice, following: “Medhat Saleh and Hani Shaker Dahab Almaz.

Tawfiq stated that he would have run for parliament in the last session’s elections, but he was late and disrupted the application procedures, noting that he returned from traveling on the last day of submission, and his papers were not complete, and this is the reason for his absence in the elections.

Regarding his relationship with the artist Amr Diab, Tawfiq said that there is no contact or agreement between him and Amr Diab, and there is also no disagreement. He continued: “There is no friendship between us, and there is jealousy in dealing with him. When I worked anxiously with singing, he was jealous of Amr Diab.” .

Tawfiq indicated that the continuation of Amr Diab’s level in the music scene does not happen often.

After Tawfiq on the scene of the artist Chico, reviewing his songs in a comic form in the movie “Samir, Shahir and Bahir”, saying: “I met with him on the northern coast and talked with him about this scene, and I took him with a hug, and the scene is historical.”

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