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The question that imposes itself now in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic: Will we pray Eid this year, or will the precautionary measures prevent prayer in the squares, in order not to spread Corona? .. Of course I do not call for not praying or to remind the Ministry of Endowments of the precautionary measures … and do not draw anyone’s attention To take an early decision to stop gatherings on Eid, including Eid prayers in the streets and large squares .. Certainly the government knows the extent of the injury, and knows the measures to be taken!

Under my hand a document from the office of Dr. Hossam Salah, Executive Director of Cairo University Hospitals, in which he decides to declare a state of emergency in hospitals for an indefinite period, to cancel all leave for all medical and nursing staff, including workers and stores, and to raise the degree of readiness to be appointed at any time to isolation hospitals .. and obligatory Everyone inside hospitals takes precautionary measures and wearing a muzzle .. which means that the matter may be out of control in normal circumstances, and it is a respectful measure that anticipates moments of danger .. It is a decision that anticipates the danger and prepares for it!

Are hospitals in a state of emergency while people on the streets act as if there is no epidemic? .. They also use the festive period to go to the beaches and parks .. I think that every ministry has a role similar to the role of the Ministry of Health, including endowments, of course .. Which makes the Eid prayer in Mosques and the desert are hotbeds for Corona !.

Consequently, I expect that there will be a decision to prevent collective prayers for the Eid .. By the way, the cathedral adhered to the precautionary measures in the Easter Mass and only 10% attended the prayer, and they did not go out on Sham El-Nessim due to the closure of parks and beaches by an administrative decision of every governor, because warding off danger is presented. To bring interest !.

There is no room here for a comparison between soap operas and mosques .. The comparison is not logical in the first place .. There is also no room for talking about the closure of mosques and the war on Islam .. Now homes are being hit en masse, and hospitals cannot bear the numbers … Then the pilgrims bathed in the sacred Ganges River, in which about 25 million people participate!

Yesterday, the Ministry of Endowments issued a decision to question the imam who permits tahajjud prayer in the mosque..It is an attempt to reduce the risks and not to prevent the Ramadan rituals..I think that the matter does not need to be explained, so do not throw yourself into the perdition .. The prayer can be at home, even if it is a prayer The group modifies an individual’s prayer 27 times.

Finally, one should not claim the concept and know the origins of religion. There is a government and there is a guardian who can manage matters with his confirmed information .. We do not want to go on the path of India, God forbid, as some media people said.

Happy New Year and Egypt in health and peace!

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