El-Gouna coach: Al-Ahly’s goal has changed our calculations


El Gouna coach Reda Shehata stated that the goal Al-Ahly scored during the match between the two teams changed their calculations and asked them to work for a draw, saying that if some of the elements were at the level, the matter would be different.

Shehata said in his statements after the 1-1 draw with Al-Ahly in the league: “When we met the goal, the accounts changed and there was no longer anything to cry about, and the accounts changed and we started playing for a tie and exploiting fixed balls.”

He continued: “Individual solutions in Al-Ahly are very large, and we closed the game in an attempt to continue the tie until the second half, and we are trying to hijack a goal, and thank God the scenario served us.”

He added, “We are fortunate that Al-Ahly missed an opportunity and there is a ball in the crossbar that was not scored, and this matter helped us achieve a point.”

And he continued: “We put in the accounts all the details of the physical level of Al-Ahly, so we worked to extend the tie to the second half, and we have elements that were not at the required level, and if they were in their best condition, the matter would be different.”

He concluded by saying: “In front of Al-Ahly, you must bear in mind not to allow them to use the spaces, and we did not leave them the opportunity except in the goal ball, even if the defender was somewhat closer to the Al-Ahly player to prevent him from shooting.”


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